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Proverbs 11:9 NASB

This is not a funny verse. I need to say that right off the bat. I heard a comedian yesterday say that if our founding fathers had any idea about Twitter when they wrote The First Amendment, they may have wanted a do-over on that one. He said back when they wrote it everybody lived on farms and you could yell anything you wanted to in your pasture and no one would hear it or care anyway. Maybe not entirely accurate, but a creative perspective, anyway. Once something goes out on social media it pretty much lives forever, and contrary to what we are told, one can still say almost anything to destroy someone else without facts to back up their claims. More importantly, we can whisper half truths about someone and do deep damage in our homes, businesses or communities . Recently, in my role with The Edge ministry, I have had companies wanting me to address the issue of a divisive employee and things they’ve said. The pain and destruction are at times irreparable without the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit. Our mouths, which spring from our heart, can either build or destroy. I have been subject to both sides in the past. I assure you that building someone up is much better. Today, bless, or be silent. #BeTheEdge

 “…from the same mouth come both blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not to be this way.” James 3:10 NASB