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Proverbs 1:2 NIV

A new month to start our way through the Book of Proverbs again. Lets take a quick look at why God’s Kingdom places such a high value on this series of teachings. William G.T. Shedd put it this way: “The Book of Proverbs is the best of all manuals for the formation of a well-balanced mind. The object of Solomon in composing it seems to have been to furnish to the church a summary of rules and maxims by which the Christian character, having been originated by regeneration, should then be educated and made symmetrical.” In other words it’s to give us great information on how to live our lives in alignment. When the ministry “The Edge” was being formed a few years ago, one of the key principles we embraced and actually put in our values is the principle of alignment. Essentially as we determine who God made us to be it is imperative that we align that as much as we possibly can with why we are here. It’s a very simple concept that we spend our lives working to perfect. Yes, I did say perfect. God’s call is for perfection. That may drive you nuts if you spend too much time pondering how far we are from perfection. That is not His intent. His intent is that we allow His Spirit to carve off those things that don’t belong so that those things that do can flourish. It’s why Jesus tells us in John chapter 15 that the gardener prunes his vines. Sounds painful, probably because it is. But, it is the only way to produce fruit. Without the pruning real fruit production is just not possible. And it is all done out of love for us by our Creator. Today, don’t resist him in that work, but instead choose to willingly join him in being aligned. #BeTheEdge


“…every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.” Jesus