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Proverbs 1:20 NIV

Wisdom in this book represents God. God doesn’t hide. He actually made it clear that we cannot avoid seeing Him. In Romans Paul reminds us that every human being that ever lived knows there is a God and He reveals Himself through everything we see in nature. God is not hidden. That is why in this verse He lets us know that He is out in the crowded public square where everyone has to see Him. Again Paul tells us that everyone is ultimately without an excuse if they ignore Him. He is in nature through His creation. He is in the public square through…you. That’s right you and I are how He chose to make Himself known to those we encounter. Seems a bit risky doesn’t it. Trusting others eternity on us. Well not exactly on us but certainly through us. Jesus tells us we are God’s flavoring and zest to those we interact with. The exact word Jesus used was ‘salt’ for flavoring. In the same place He says we are His light in this world, lighting up His powerful acts. I’ve always appreciated the fact that Jesus didn’t tell us we ‘ought to be’ or ‘we could be’ but that ‘we are’ salt and light. God also is not afraid. He doesn’t timidly reveal Himself. He is bold and unmistakable in the wide open public places. Today remember who you are and bring some flavor and light. #BeTheEdge

“You are the salt of the Earth…You are the light of the world.” Jesus