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Proverbs 12:2 NASB

An important truth in sharing the Gospel is the reality that the planet is inhabited by only two kinds of people. The world is not divided in the most critical way by short or tall, heavy or thin, rich or poor. In the way God sees the world, He sees only those who are His and those who are not. Non-Christians find it hard to understand this essential truth at first. In this verse, the only way to be truly “good” you must be owned by Him and indwelled by His Spirit. The man of truly “evil desires” is controlled by the ruler of this world (Satan). Granted, there are without a doubt times God’s children desire evil, but those desires ultimately do not control them, and certainly not to a point that God condemns them. No, only those who are not God’s followers are condemned. Again, the only distinction that ultimately matters is: are you one of God’s followers, or not. Today, be sure you are His child and live like it.