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Proverbs 12:20 NIV

Maybe it’s my age. Maybe it’s my life experiences. Maybe it’s my grandchildren. Whatever it is I find myself drawn almost irresistibly to those who promote peace. I’m not exactly sure if it’s because of their position of peace or the steady joy I witness in their journey. Perhaps both. I have no time and even less energy for those who plot evil. I easily read the deceit in their intent and choose to either ignore them or at least seek to protect others from them. Ellicott believes that each of these people start out with others as their focus and end up impacting themselves as well. The deceitful person deceives others but eventually they deceive themselves. They start out just to hurt others but eventually end up believing their own lies and living in their own created darkness. Conversely the purveyors of peace bring peace into others story only to find their life ultimately filled with satisfaction and joy. Not a difficult choice if you ask me. There is a reason joy and peace are two of the gifts the Holy Spirit brings into the believers life. It is no mistake that He does not bring those into the journey of the deceitful. Today seek peace and watch your life grow in joy. #BeTheEdge

“Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.”Psalms 34:14 NIV