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Proverbs 12:26 NASB

I saw a cartoon the other day. It showed three Middle Eastern women riding camels. On the back of the camels they each had a bumper sticker – one said, “My child is an honor student at Bethlehem Elementary School.” Another said, “My child plays in the marching band at Bethlehem Senior High School.” The third one said, “My child is God.” Kind of cute. Can you imagine living in Jesus’ neighborhood as He grew up? He lived a truly sinless life. I believe many struggled to believe Jesus was Who He said He was, but I think something must have tugged at the hearts of those who were around Him during His growing up years. The purifying effect of a great example living in our midst can be a powerful thing. The presence of someone exhibiting kindness, self-control, and godly character all tend to lift the lives around them. We are called to be that kind of person in this broken and hurting world. “Light in the darkness,” as Jesus called us to be. Today, live in such a way that your life has a purifying effect on those you encounter.