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Proverbs 12:5 NASB

“I might have thought about it, but I’d never actually do it.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve jokingly said or heard this. It seems safe to think of doing something towards another person, even something outrageous, as long as I’d never intend to follow through, right? I really do wish that were true. However, there is a reason Scripture tells us to take every thought captive. James tells us sin begins as a thought long before it births an action that takes us down. Even thoughts that never turn into actions can become attitudes. If I dwell negatively on a person or circumstance long enough, I begin to have a cloud of darkness over my head that is my attitude toward them. Conversely, if I dwell on thoughts of compassion, understanding, or even love for a person, my actions and attitude around them begin to reflect those thoughts as well. Jesus could look at a person’s heart, know their entire journey and embrace them with a full understanding of who His Father created them to be. We can’t, so let’s give the person we find difficult the benefit of knowing that they are God’s creation and dwell on that. Today, take on the mind of Christ when necessary and love His creation.