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Proverbs 1:3 NASB

A number of years ago at a meeting in Colorado Springs, I met a new friend. Ron challenged me to spend one month reading a Proverb a day and share any insights I saw in that chapter. He told me that next to coming to Christ it had been the most important thing in his relationship with God. It was an interesting month of insight and discovery for me. That was a number of years ago and through many ups and downs, job changes, a prolonged hospital stay and numerous other life experiences I have not missed a day in Proverbs. To say it has changed me, and in some ways the trajectory of my life, would be a serious understatement. Over the years, I have invited others to join me in the journey Ron started me on. I have added a few thousand people to those receiving a daily text or email from me of the daily verse from Proverbs and a brief devotional thought from that verse. It has opened many conversations with many others over the years. I want to encourage you to look through your contacts and see who you might share this devotion with. One person I send it to sends it to 50 friends who in turn pass it on to 50 of their own friends. Today, consider who may be blessed by seeing your interest in them, by reaching out with the same challenge Ron presented to me that changed my story. #BeTheEdge