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Proverbs 13:10 NASB

Insolence. I do not like that word. Rudeness, arrogance and lack of respect are all included in what this word implies. And at its very core – pride. Spend a minute considering these words and it is easy to see how they all lead to strife. They also all come with a healthy dose of emotion and passion. Put all of that together and it is a volatile mix. By contrast, the writer tells us the antidote – counsel. Those people in our story who are able to listen with patience, sift through the emotion, push gently and clearly through the fog, and offer healthy, clarifying counsel. That is vital for survival. That, in a political example, is the defense department coming to the state department. Today, look around and be sure you have wise counselors in your own life who are available on a moment’s notice. If you don’t have them, you’d better take a moment today and begin to identify them. #BeTheEdge