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Proverbs 13:10 NIV

“Why We Fight” is a 7-episode documentary series from WWll to explain to our soldiers why the USA was involved in the war. In 2005 another documentary by the same name was made to explain the military industrial complex. That one doesn’t seem very interesting. Regardless, the title of both can reflect lots of areas of life. Marriage, friends, sports teams, businesses, and between parent and teen are a few places in which battles and strife can break out. As Solomon says, pride is usually at the core of these battles. We want to be right, and maybe even more, we want to win and be seen by others as the best (and even something we are not) to look good. In three more chapters Solomon will reinforce this truth even stronger by declaring that pride precedes destruction. We are built to long for acceptance and a sense of value. God gives us total acceptance and incalculable value. The problem comes when we look to others who are broken and selfish for what they are incapable of and never designed to give – perfect, unconditional love, acceptance and value. Today, stop the struggle, let others feel God’s value for them through you, and find your own worth in the One who made you and paid the ultimate price to buy you back. #BeTheEdge