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Proverbs 13:13 NASB

I love walking by God’s truth. Life is smoother. Joy is deeper, and I see more victory in my story. When I would rather not obey something in God’s word it is not because His truth is wrong, it’s obviously because I am; I have decided there is a shortcut or even a bigger win waiting for me by going my own way in an area than in living by His. How wrong I am. I wish I could say ‘lesson learned’ and I would not make that mistake again. The remnant of the fallen nature in me continues to speak loudly to my conscience and, sadly, I continue to listen. Thankfully as I age, I have gained a little wisdom, and while I don’t always completely avoid repeats of sinful behavior, the price it extracts has wisened me up to the point where I recognize my foolishness, sober myself, repent, and correct my action quicker. Today, recognize the cost of disobedience and avoid it, if not at least flee it quickly.