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Proverbs 1:32 NASB

I confess I have laughed at some of the “Redneck Famous Last Words.” “Hey Bubba, watch this,” “Hey Bubba, hold my beer,” “Hey Bubba, what’s this red wire for?” as the jokes go. If your name is Bubba, I apologize. However, those comments do illustrate the predicaments we are susceptible to finding ourselves in when we act without clearly thinking through the consequences of our behavior. The truly naive are not those who are innocent in their understanding of the bad things in the world. Those people are actually blessed. The reference here is to those who believe turning away from God’s design is easier and more rewarding than following His clear instruction. It can initially seem simpler to give in to our wants and desires than to discipline our actions and practice self-control in pursuing God’s wise plan for our story. However, those who ignore or don’t consider God’s plan will fall into destructive patterns and even death – spiritual and physical death. Today, consider deeply and intently who God is and His desire for you, then follow Him. #BeTheEdge