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Proverbs 13:2 NIV

I like to cut up. I’m also that guy who often says, “why did I just say that”. Over the years I’ve gotten better. Listen more, talk less kind of growth. It came from some brutal blunders. Jesus made it clear that we will answer one day for every word we utter, for good or bad. We may want to dismiss it but this truth reinforces the fact that words pack a punch. They are powerful. The bad news is they can cut, destroy and even kill. I remember to this day some words said to me decades ago that hurt badly and can still cause me to hesitate in areas of right thinking. Conversely, I remember other words said in encouragement or affirmation that blessed me to my core…and still do. That’s powerful. Ask me about bones I’ve broken, illnesses or even surgeries I’ve had throughout my life and I struggle to remember all of them. Ask me about encouragers, and faces and moments come instantly to mind. Powerful. Words are powerful, for better or worse. Knowing we will be held to account for all of them should motivate us to watch what we say. Knowing we will be looking into the eyes of God as we review them should make us even more determined to watch them. Today speak as though your words will live on forever in others souls and the mind of our Lord, because they will. #BeTheEdge


“For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.”Jesus