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Proverbs 13:20 NASB

I spent most of yesterday delivering packets of tickets to table hosts for an upcoming event. Being very COVID minded, I wore a mask, stuck my head inside sparsely staffed offices, and looked for the host individual to hand the tickets to. With me being the relational minister I am, and with the table hosts being The Edge men and women they are, most of the drop-offs became 30-minute to one hour visits (properly socially distanced and masked). Heading home after a day of crisscrossing our communities I was reflecting on what an impactful time it turned out to be. Each visit was a check up on the physical, mental, and business health of these leaders. It also became very much a spiritual check-up, as well. We discussed how they were doing at integrating their faith into the uncertain situations so many of their employees, clients, and vendors were facing. To a person, and in very unique ways, God is using each of them to bring hope, healing, and comfort to those in their influence. I was reminded that God offers a lost, confused, and hurting world Himself and His Wisdom through His servant leaders. Today, be one of those representatives not only of your business but of the King you ultimately are in business for. #BeTheEdge