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Proverbs 13:3 NASB

One of the most profound lessons I learned in life is that being right doesn’t mean a thing. Not really. Doing right means everything. In an argument you can be right, you can even convince the other person they are wrong, but unless it is about a major work project or a. matter of life or death, it is usually meaningless. My guide is ‘will someone go to hell or die if I don’t win this point.’ If not, I relax and listen. As a matter of fact, proving, or attempting to prove you are right could do real damage to a relationship. This verse talks about guarding your mouth and keeping it shut without pointing out that the other person may be, or is, wrong. I believe Solomon’s point was that relationships are so much more important than knowing it all. I have discovered over the years that the smartest person in the room is not the loudest or the “rightest” (my word). Most of the time their intelligence comes out when they listen, gently question, and allow others’ ideas to be tried. When another person’s idea succeeds, they cheer and, more importantly, when it doesn’t succeed, they gently suggest and encourage without embarrassing. It is truly powerful and impressive to watch. Today, relax; you don’t always have to win. And be gentle. #BeTheEdge