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Proverbs 14:12 NASB

It is easy to believe what our desires favor and our culture embraces. Two days ago, we celebrated the most pivotal day in all of Christian history. Nothing else comes close. Nope, it’s not Christmas; even though Jesus’ birth is critical to us as followers, but have you ever wondered why the world gets more excited and involved in Christmas than Easter? We celebrate more. TV shows and movies celebrate Christmas, Hallmark is known for their ever-growing Christmas movie library. A baby in a manger with animals, singing angels, shepherds in fields, and wise men is endearing, safe, and fun. Easter movies, without bunnies, are few and far between. One of the most successful and accurate Easter movies was rated “R” because of its depiction of reality. Crosses, deception, mockery of trials, nails, hammers, and blood – lots of blood, are very uncomfortable. So, as quickly as possible, Easter is over, and the planet is racing to more pleasant thoughts. Don’t allow the comfort desired by our culture to blind you to the depth of reality in Kingdom-truth. Today, reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice for you and live as though you were bought for an incalculable price, because you were. #BeTheEdge