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Proverbs 14:25 NIV

About a year ago The Washington Times had an article titled, “Consequences of deceit and deception: When people lie, people die.” It made the point that the Apostle Paul first made the case that lying leads to many bad consequences and ultimately death. It shared stories of political leaders who lied and caused many people’s deaths. The ultimate example, and Paul’s main point, was that lying at its extreme end leads to spiritual death. That is the saddest and worst possible outcome. We raised our children with the understanding that wrong behavior would lead to unpleasant discipline but lying about it would lead to a much worse outcome. Tell the truth, take the consequences and move on with a lesson learned. Telling the truth, especially concerning another, rescues others from undeserved consequences. It is beautiful and powerful to take an honest stand for someone else, even when it costs you. A truth told can rescue an innocent person while lying can condemn the innocent. As strong as my feelings were with my children about lying, God’s are even more passionate when lies are told about His children. Jesus called Himself “The Truth”, not a version or a shade of truth. In the same way truth tellers save lives, The Truth saves all of our souls with eternal life. Today take absolute, unadulterated truth telling seriously. #BeTheEdge

“…I am the truth…” Jesus