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Proverbs 15:10 NASB

You can add me to the list of people who do not enjoy being disciplined. Yep, if the choice is between do it right or get disciplined, I’m going to do my best to avoid the discipline. However, in this verse Solomon is talking deeper, darker, and more intensely than about the daily challenges of a Christ-follower’s obedience. Here, we are learning about people who know the way of salvation but walk boldly away from it. They know that Jesus died for their chance to live, yet they choose to ignore it. The result for them is eternal death through separation from their Creator God. The life it leads them into may well result in physical death, but that is nothing compared to what awaits them. This verse speaks to the rebellious heart that refuses the correction of God’s truth. However, it also speaks to a lack of proper parental discipline that feeds a rebellious spirit. Today, be mindful of God’s correction and, as crazy as it may seem, embrace and learn from it and receive His gift of life.