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Proverbs 15:14 NIV

“An unbeliever lacks knowledge of God, instead foolishly “chewing on” empty pleasure, false notions, pointless pursuits, and materialistic gain”. I have know a lot of people who love to philosophize or theologies. They sit around and discuss the issues of life and the universe. It is actually kind of entertaining at times to listen in, I especially like doing it with those who are sure they have it all figured out. Often the interesting one in that conversation is the other one who is firmly convinced that it can’t be figured out at all. That nothing makes sense. As entertaining as that can be it soon becomes redundant and tiresome. The conversation screams for an injection of truth. The Truth. God has offered what the really discerning heart desires: knowledge. The search for truth was created by God. It was built into all of us to seek Him and His truth. Forces of evil try to hijack that journey and are all too often successful. Universities are full of the educated who miss His truth. Today find His Truth in the source of all truth. #BeTheEdge


“I am the Truth.” Jesus