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Proverbs 15:3 NASB

If you want an entertaining chuckle, play hide and seek with a four-year-old. It is one of my favorite activities. Want to consider something not entertaining, but ridiculous, picture keeping anything hidden from an omniscient and omnipresent God. Three overwhelming realities are presented in this verse: an all-knowing God (a concept that can truly fill your mind for hours and you still will only have scratched the surface of that truth), the existence of good, and the existence of evil. This verse is referring to good and evil people, not just acts. God is fully aware of what each person is up to, both the good and the evil. He sees good men, “their good works, (which are) the fruit of His own grace; their weaknesses, and supports and strengthens them; their wants, and supplies them; their persons, and never withdraws His eyes from them: these are on them continually, to protect and defend them; nor will He leave them till He has brought them safe to heaven.” And He sees the evil men; He sees into their hearts and knows the pride and brokenness they treasure. The all-knowing God is a powerful presence in every moment of every life. Today, live in the recognition of His presence and find comfort there.