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Proverbs 15:7 NASB

What could seem more obvious than knowing that is a better idea to take wise counsel than foolish counsel. However, Solomon felt it necessary to not just tell us this here, but multiple times throughout Proverbs. There must be a good reason for that repetition. You don’t have to look far to see examples of the difference between the two. A Facebook discussion about almost anything shows a pretty clear distinction between wise and foolish counsel. I saw the other day where a person posted that COVID-19 was brought by aliens, and others decided that that needed a serious rebuttal. I’m not sure either side showed much wisdom. Sometimes the really wise remain silent and just move on. Wise lips point us toward God and His truth. Foolish counsel points us toward worldly, self-serving, or ungodly viewpoints. God has given us the ultimate source of His Wisdom. Those people we turn to for counsel should have a history of leaning heavily on God’s truth and guidance. Today, consider all counsel and weigh it against God’s Word. #BeTheEdge


“…blessed are those who hear the word of God and observe it.” Jesus (Luke 11:28) NASB