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Proverbs 15:8 NASB

Back when I was a child you only gave Valentine cards to classmates that you wanted to. Sounds kind of cruel, these days, and it probably was. When my kids were in elementary school you had to take one for every student in the class. Probably better. I remember one of my sons (Kevin, around 7 years old) wrote a card for a classmate that read, “Dear Julie, you mean, stinky girl, will you be my Valentine? Love, Kevin.” That one didn’t make it out of the house. In our daily encounters with people or our service to God, it is never primarily about our words or actions. It is always about our heart. Who we are in our inner self is what is important. This is the issue going all the way back to Cain and Abel. Today, check your heart first, then offer your best to God and others.