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Proverbs 16:6 NASB

Because of what I’ve done as a minister, counselor, and communicator for over 40 years, I have run across many gifted speakers with pretty amazing stories. The redemptive nature of the most powerful stories continue to fill me with awe. As a documentarian true stories have always captured my imagination. What I saw in each of my roles included, in part, lives broken by bad choices and the main decision that determined which ones turned around and which didn’t. I recently googled “turning a life around after bad decisions.” I discovered there is no shortage of 7, 10, or some other number of steps to do just that. God’s plan in this verse from Proverbs is two steps, with a third reality. Considering our wrong actions and repenting to the offended out of love and doing it in all honesty to ourselves and the one offended, if there was one, brings the prospect of reconciliation to the relationship. This may be between you and another or it may be between you and God. It could involve both. Then, a right reverence (biblical fear) helps us avoid those sins in the future. God’s plan is simple, yet not easy. If you’ve been receiving these devotions for a while you have heard me say God’s greatest desire is for reconciliation and redemption. Today, follow His plan and experience both.  The world is hungry and in great need of both. #BeTheEdge