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Proverbs 16:8 NASB

It is an overwhelming and lifelong occupation of mine to ponder the things that Jesus did. However, I find it interesting to occasionally think about some of the things He didn’t do. I’m most intrigued by the humble situation He chose to be born into – a family with very little means that found itself in a stable with farm animals (which was most likely a cave) for the birth of their first child. These were not people of money or influence. In Jesus day, “…poverty was a visible and common phenomenon. According to estimations, 9 out of 10 persons lived close to the subsistence level or below it. There was no middle class. The state did not show much concern for the poor.” Here is what really strikes me though. Jesus, who could make coins appear in the mouth of a fish to pay taxes, could have easily made His family wealthy by the world’s standards, through a miracle or any other means. He could have left His mother in high circumstances when He was gone. Instead, He simply passed her care on to John, a disciple who himself left everything to follow Jesus. If I had the choice, I would win the lottery and set up all my children with resources for comfort and care. Jesus shows us that in the scheme of eternity that is very unimportant. Today, celebrate God’s lovingkindness whatever your circumstances and recognize your eternal wealth in Him and His love.