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Proverbs 16:8 NIV

I once had a local pastor tell me that a poor person in the gutters of India reached by Mother Theresa could be a millionaire if they just understood and believed God wanted them to be. I’m glad the majority of Christians I know don’t believe anything like that foolishness. However, at times there can be a subconscious belief that God loves those who have resources a bit more than those who don’t. At the very least some believe the poor are in their situation because of their sin or the sins of their ancestors. I’m sure the same night Jesus was born other babies came into the world in palaces and beautiful homes. I’m just as sure, actually even more so, that no other baby born that night stood in a better place in their relationship with God than Jesus did that very night. So, what’s the difference? Why are some born in palaces and some in stables? Why are some born in beautiful Auburn, Alabama and others born into poverty in Honduras? My friend Jeff, head of a large publishing company, likes to say there are things we come into the world with no control over. Who our parents are and where we are born were determined way above our ability to choose. I cannot tell you or anyone why they were brought into the circumstances they were, but I know the one who decided, and He knows why. He also has plans uniquely for you to bless and prosper you. Today, humbly remember who writes the beginning of our stories. #BeTheEdge#BeTheEdge


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