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Proverbs 17:17 NASB

Adversity is when your country, actually the whole planet, is under attack by an unseen deadly enemy. Adversity is when your life and world is turned upside down in a surreal way that truly seems like a scary disaster movie thrust upon you in real life. As these two things have become our reality, seemingly overnight, adversity is becoming more of our challenge and opportunity, moment by moment. Where we turn for help and answers has been fascinating to watch. We learn daily that our government and our healthcare system are both ill equipped to meet the demands of this challenge. We also are seeing that our economic system and supply chains have been poorly prepared, if preparation at this level was even possible. I have been heartened to see the courage and response of many in our communities and leadership. While some seem very busy looking for who to blame, most seem occupied with looking for ways to help their neighbors and the less fortunate. Those are your real friends and brothers and sisters. As has been quoted, “This too shall pass.” But in the end, I believe we will be profoundly changed. Today, embrace the journey and love others. That is what followers of a sovereign, all-powerful God choose to do. #BeTheEdge