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Proverbs 17:17 NASB

Soldiers have a special bond. “Band of brothers” carries a meaning beyond a genetic connection. Many soldiers go through battle together; they witness bullets flying past, bombs exploding, and the constant threats of battle. This level of adversity builds a bond that goes beyond description and is next to impossible to break. Very few of us get to experience this level of friendship more than a few times in life, if at all. We often do not realize we have it unless and until adversity hits us. It is in those times when we see if we have that type of friend. I’ve often told my children that if you want a friend, be a friend. Sure. there is always a risk of investing in a friendship only to discover it is not reciprocated. But that is a risk worth taking. The chance that God is leading you into this powerful level of friendship makes it worth it to discover that one. Today, be the friend you want to have and allow God to direct the journey into finding yours.