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Proverbs 17:20 NASB

You have probably heard about the unreliability of eyewitnesses. Two people watch the exact same event and come away with vastly different reports of what happened. Up to 75% of false convictions are caused by inaccurate eyewitness testimony. These people aren’t lying; their mind is just influenced by untold numbers of factors that affect the accuracy of their memory. We have the same potential when judging or evaluating another person. If we look at someone with a bias of guilt or distrust, then everything we think of them is colored by that bias. We can see perfectly harmless behavior as something crooked or nefarious. I witnessed this recently when a friend was being replaced and those doing the replacing wanted to look justified in their actions. They painted a picture of this person as untrustworthy so that all their actions went from harmless to suspect. Today, see others with the eyes of God and you will start from a place of value and trust.