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Proverbs 17:28 NASB

I thought about leaving this one right here. I mean seriously who doesn’t read this with a nod of recognition. An article in Elite Daily tells us, “It’s easy to assume that the most outspoken, opinionated person in the room is the most intelligent. In fact, this isn’t always the case. The people who are the most intelligent are actually the ones you’d least expect to be smart. They patiently wait for other people to say what they need to say. They choose to open their ears rather than their mouths. The quietest people are the smartest people; the ones who talk less have the most brainpower. These are the introverts. They’re the creative types, the geniuses who get stimulation from learning rather than socializing. You may not have noticed them. They prefer to fly under the radar, silently producing the best work and the most incredible art. It’s always the quiet ones who turn out to be the most interesting and surprising, isn’t it?” I like this quote and I’ve observed it in groups I’ve been involved with. Haven’t you? They sit in meetings, family gatherings, or even in a one on one visit and seem to just listen quietly. Then when they do speak up, it tends to be a valuable insight, maybe even profound. Jesus was an amazing listener. I want to be one too. Today, learn to listen and be willing to wait to respond. Then God has an opportunity to speak to you and, if He so chooses, through you. #BeTheEdge