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Proverbs 17:5 NASB

Literally. I mean 2000 years ago it would have been very tempting for some people to make a joke about a teenage girl giving birth in a cave with farm animals watching. DHR may have moved in to remove that child from His parents because of the conditions they brought that child into. A quick search shows lots of books and movies based on the theme of the wealthy living among us without us realizing it. The majority of those stories play out with someone or multiple people wishing they had known the person was rich. Many would have treated them differently if they had known (not a behavior held in high view in scripture by the way). In a few instances we read about those who were especially good or kind and clearly honest with the person in spite of not realizing their true financial worth. That first Christmas birth is not unlike a 14-year-old girl giving birth in a beat-up old car behind a service station. If only that innkeeper knew. He would probably have given up his own room.  Who will you cross paths with today? I assure you everyone you encounter is a supernatural being, destined to live for eternity and is created in the image of the eternal God. Today, live as though the next person you cross paths with was bought with the price of the Creator’s Son. They were.