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Proverbs 17:9 NASB

When something happens, everyone wants to know about it. It’s a very natural thing. Let’s face it, most of us have a curious nature. The more a matter is concealed the more we suspect there is a juicy story behind it. Ultimately, if we find out what the real story is, it ends up being not much at all. In other words, there is no there, there. When someone offends us there is a strong desire to rally support. We don’t really consider what getting someone else on our side even means. In reality it usually doesn’t mean anything other than another broken relationship. We spread the story of a usually insignificant offense and realize it’s not such a big deal. The other person’s reaction could reveal that what we were offended by was not such a big deal, so we embellish it a little. Next thing we know it is hardly recognizable from what had actually happened. We have succeeded in tarnishing someone else’s reputation and have lost a friend in the process. We also may lose the trust of the one we “confide” in because they realize we could do the same thing to them one day. Today, be quick to forgive and overlook an offense and only speak words of healing and peace.