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Proverbs 18:14 NASB

I was in a conversation yesterday with a group of men when one shared about the physical battle his daughter was facing. He told us how amazing and inspiring it was to watch her at one of her most difficult moments, through tears, reach out and take his hand. Looking up through a strained expression, she smiled slightly and said, “it’s ok Daddy, I’m going to be fine.” I just sat and, with what I’m sure was a blank stare, thought about that young girl. I, myself, have been sick, and in complete candor must admit that if someone else had been with me, they were not my first priority; I only thought of myself and my needs. Jesus hung on the cross after being brutally tortured and was concerned about others. About those who had just driven the nails, he said, “Father forgive them.” About His mother, who He was about to leave on earth, “John behold your mother.” Even about a guilty thief, “Today, you will be with me in paradise.” It’s not about your illness or pain. It’s about the condition of your spirit. A healthy spirit is possessed by the same Spirit that lived in vital union with Jesus. A sick spirit belongs to the ruler of this world. There is no in between. Today, let the Spirit of the living Savior rule your story. Then watch the planet change all around you.