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Proverbs 18:20 NASB

‬There are very few things in life that affect my spirits I Ike a great hamburger, or maybe the perfect slice of Dominos pizza. I enjoy a good meal, not too much or too little, just a real satisfying display of the food groups – meat, sugar, fats, and meat ????. Solomon wants us to know that speaking words of kindness, meaningful instruction, and healing can leave us in the same state of blessed satisfaction. God designed us to want to comfort and encourage others. That desire was twisted and knocked up a bit in the fall of man, and in some people it was broken and shattered. I’m a counselor/pastor by gifting and nature. And even as an introvert I find great satisfaction in bringing truth, encouragement, and direction to another’s soul. It’s because God designed us that way. Conversely, I feel pretty wretched and even a little unsettled when I allow myself to speak words that cause pain, confusion, and unnecessary sadness in another. Today, look for opportunities to be an instrument of God’s love with your words and presence. Otherwise, it might be best to stay away from people.