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Proverbs 18:22 NIV


The writers at “When you need God” make the point that this verse reminds us, ‘God is pleased anytime a new home is formed. He is delighted when marriage divulges his generous love, and when a home is built on his values, such union automatically reflects the favour of God.’ I really like that. It is easy to read this verse, look at your spouse and say “I win” or maybe “that verse is not true” depending on your view of your current marriage situation. This verse is certainly letting us know that when God authors and directs a marriage relationship it may not be easy all the time or reflect the latest romantic movie but it is a gift and God is pleased and enjoys blessing the couple. Beyond that our world gets a look at how God and the family of God look in the clearest terms. It is no accident that God chose the family to represent His relationship as the Trinity and with us, His children. He loves to bless us, His true family, as we live in His truth. Marriage is in disarray in the world today. It has been for a while. It is a bold statement to claim that every ill in marriage and families is the result of walking away from God’s plan. Yet it’s true. Your family and teams need to see every relationship in your story lived by God’s design. Today commit to living life in the marriage and family relationships God’s way. #BeTheEdge

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” Jesus