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Proverbs 18:8 NASB

Very few words stop all activity and capture another’s attention as quickly and completely as these, “Did you hear about…” Any sentence starting with those four words are bound to turn heads as most people prepare themselves for a dainty morsel of gossip or revelation. The word ‘whisperer’ is literally ‘talebearer.’ This kind of report is almost impossible to ignore. Even those of us who know what’s coming find we often don’t stop the whisperer from causing damage to another. I have spent over four decades in ministry and surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, I see much more of this in churches than in business. There is certainly no lack of taletelling in either place, but somehow, we sense a responsibility to make sure everyone is aware of our brother’s and sister’s latest gossip. I’ve also discovered that eight out of ten times what is being spoken is not true or has been contextually misrepresented. But the damage is done. Trapp put it this way, “He that takes away a man’s good name kills him alive and ruins him and his posterity…”  I’ve experienced this level of pain and I suspect you have, as well. One thing I’ve learned is that when people listen and internalize gossip, they think less of the one gossiped about  but they also lose trust in the gossiper. No one comes out better for the gossip’s presence. The gossiper’s character is exposed. One thing is certain – we never saw Jesus gossiping. To the contrary, He spoke words of blessing, healing, and life. Everyone longs for those kinds of words, kind words, to be spoken of them and they are drawn to those who speak them about others, as well. Today, speak blessings and life or stay silent. #BeTheEdge

“Simon Peter answered Him, ‘Lord, to whom shall we go? You have words of eternal life.’” John 6:68 NASB

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