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Proverbs 19:15 NIV


We certainly understand lazy, however shiftless is not a word we use very often these days. That word goes a bit beyond laziness to mean the person is not resourceful as well. One of my favorite commentaries, mainly because of its name is “Let God Be True”, talks of these characteristics this way, “Slothfulness is doing a job slowly. It is dreading work and resenting the effort it requires. It is a lazy attitude and effort toward a job; and it starts a vicious cycle. Laziness saps your energy, slows you down, intimidates your spirit, and puts you to sleep.” I have seen this vicious cycle in lives around me. At certain times, especially times of loss, I’ve seen the temptation of this kind of life. Ultimately I have always had a stronger desire to live out my calling with the opportunities of living a bold and active life for God. After the loss of my wife I was contemplating my future with a life long friend. Much to my grateful surprise he had a quick moment of sympathy but then, as a close brother should do, he challenged me to move past the lose and look at his to spend the rest of my time on earth pouring out my life in service to God. Very direct yet powerful and needed counsel. We can get caught in the cycle of shiftless laziness or we can live boldly in our calling. We can’t do both. Today pursue God’s call on your story as He writes it. #BeTheEdge


“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,” Colossians 3:23 NIV