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Proverbs 19:2 NASB

No one needed to learn this verse more than I did, and it’s not even hard for me to admit. Oh, it certainly used to be hard to admit, but it’s amazing how the constant beat down from moving too quickly without being completely informed can make a person change his ways. However, the next lesson I had to learn was that information is not knowledge. I would gather all the knowledge about something I could get, as fast as I could, and then move on a decision. It often resulted in just as big a mess as deciding too quickly without complete information. Knowledge implies a depth of awareness and Spirit-led understanding that comes from wisdom, experience, and counsel. This level of knowledge includes a moral understanding that informs our actions as well. Evil wants us to act fast without consideration. There have been many times I’ve heard someone in a counseling session say, ‘What was I thinking?’ with my response being, ‘Obviously, you weren’t.’ God gives us all the resources we need to act with godly wisdom and knowledge. There is a reason that patience is a fruit of the Spirit. Today, be sure your decisions are God informed and you will live to be grateful. #BeTheEdge