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Proverbs 19:5 NIV

Have you been tempted to stretch the truth or lie to make yourself look better or to help your position be chosen? In the last month I have seen this done more often then I can believe. In a political situation, in a business situation, in a ministry situation and even in a marriage, I have watched intimately as people either misrepresented facts that they knew they were misrepresenting or out right lied. I have also watched as they were discovered. Early in life I realized that I am just not smart enough to keep up with all the moving parts involved with lying and fact twisting. I also learned early on that it’s never worth it and at some point we will be found out. It’s almost entertaining in situations where the information is pretty inconsequential to see the reaction when Google instantly shatters a misrepresentation. God hates lying! I tried to think of a more plain and clear way to say that. Obviously that’s pretty clear. Friendships have been lost. Businesses have gone under. Ministries have ceased to be effective. Marriages have ended. All of these as a result of false testimony. Today live by the powerful truth that “you shall know (and share) the truth and the truth shall set you free”. #BeTheEdge


“…I am the Truth….” Jesus