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Proverbs 19:6 NIV

In the original language there are two key understandings in this verse. One “curry favor” is translated from the phrase to “stroke the cheek or face”. I don’t love that picture. I don’t want anyone I’m not close to touching my face and I don’t particularly want to touch theirs. The image here is one of being intimate or close to the person. This makes sense in connection with the second phrase. Ruler here is often rendered prince, princely or noble. Even more precisely the word translates liberal. Not in a political or even social sense. It literally means the person is liberal with their life and wealth. They are generous. This is a caution about those people who will try and ingratiate themselves into your life for what they can get from you. These same people tend to disappear fast when you are struggling and going through hard times. That is why scripture often reminds us that our family and brothers and sisters in the kingdom are most often our allies in battle and our true friends in good times. It takes great discernment to recognize those who want from us and disguise themselves as trusted companions. The challenge is to be kind, even loving, to everyone while knowing where their true loyalty lies. John tells us that Jesus knew who to entrust Himself to because He knew the heart of men. We seldom have that gift. So we count on track record and discernment. After years of battles and challenges I now know who in my life would die for me and who I would die for. Today be that friend in all seasons. #BeTheEdge


“But Jesus would not entrust himself to them, for he knew all people.” John‬ ‭2:24 NIV‬‬