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Proverbs 20:1 NASB

This is clearly a verse eschewing the use of alcohol. There are very few people who, with a straight face, would allow that getting drunk is a Biblically supported good idea. There is no good end on that road. Nobody ever knew a drunkard who did not scoff at things that should be revered. As a non-drinker I can read this verse, feel very superior, and move on to the next verse. However, the power of this verse (not to be lost in my arrogance) is that Solomon wants us to realize that there are plenty of other ways to end up in the same place as the drunkard, and even worse. The drunk can eventually fall asleep or pass out, at which point they are essentially harmless – as long as they are not behind the wheel of a car. But there are other methods of losing control of rational thought which are equally dangerous, if not more. Losing control of oneself can lead to language and actions that could harm others or lead to actions that do not represent the God we serve. Today, avoid allowing anything to control your mind other than God’s Spirit. Both you and the world around you will be better for it.