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Proverbs 20:10 NASB

I had a conversation the other day with a doctor about the virus. During the course of that conversation I explained to him the purpose of The Edge ministry. Part of what I shared had to do with helping business leaders influence their companies with their faith, and how critical it is for them to walk in the highest of integrity if they were to be effective in accomplishing that. I asked if doctors ever found themselves tempted to be less than honest or straight forward in their practice. His response surprised me at first. He said there are always times when a choice they make might not be the right or easy one, and as a consequence, living out their commitment to follow Jesus is challenged. A little later I found myself in a conversation with another doctor, and out of curiosity I posed the same question. His response was similar, but being the very committed follower of Christ I know him to be, he explained that even though there were always opportunities to cut corners or shade the truth, he did not find it difficult to do what he believed God would want in every situation. The decision to do what Jesus calls us to is made long before an issue arises. Today, determine to walk clean before the Lord and watch as godly decisions become second nature. #BeTheEdge