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Proverbs 20:3 NASB

I recently saw a few news articles and social media posts suggesting who to blame for the pandemic we are now experiencing, as well as urging me to blame certain people for other challenges we are now facing. Instead, I’m choosing to focus on the amazing science and health care community tasked with battling this enemy. I’m also celebrating the amazing Americans who are adapting their companies and practices to fight the pandemic from a unified approach. As I read the inflammatory articles and posts I mentioned earlier, I was prompted to make a list of all the benefits of strife and fighting between people. Exactly, it was a very short list. As a matter of fact, there was literally nothing on it. There were things like getting my way, winning an argument, and getting to gloat, but ultimately none of those turned out to be of any real benefit. Maybe they produced some sort of temporary sense of satisfaction, but in the end, what was left was pretty empty, and the hurt remaining afterwards was much greater than any fleeting victory. I recently read an article by a woman who felt convicted by all of the Proverbs that dealt with avoiding strife, anger, and arguments. She talked about how, when her children were young and they said unkind or angry things, she would discipline them by making them cup their hands over their mouth for one minute. She said that turned out to be very effective. Perhaps as adults it would be helpful to do the same. Today, watch your words, be an instrument of peace and kindness, and if necessary, cup your hands over your mouth – sanitize them first, though. #BeTheEdge