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Proverbs 20:8 NASB

Eyes are powerful. The importance of eye contact has been talked about forever. “Look me in the eye and tell me what happened,” has been a tool of parents for centuries. That’s because as parents we learned early on that it is difficult to look someone in the eye and tell a lie. I have no doubt that Jesus’s eyes were unbelievably powerful. As a blind man whose eyes were partially healed looked “intently into Jesus’ eyes,” his vision became crystal clear (Mark 8:25). I believe when Jesus was angered, saddened, disappointed, touched, or overjoyed, His eyes told the story before anything else.  We have the same ability to communicate much with our eyes without ever saying a word. When my kids were little, I use to say, “eye to eye” and we would look each other in the eyes and say, “I love you.” I never wanted them to doubt the depth of my love for them or find it difficult to say.  Today, use your eyes to notice those around you and bless them with a gentle, kind look.