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Proverbs 21:12 NASB

I remember when one of my kids watched their sibling try something involving a broom and an exercise mat, while standing (momentarily) on the back of our couch. Picture that and it would only be half as painful as it turned out to be. After watching their brother suffer his fate, they immediately grabbed the broom, jumped up on the couch and attempted the same acrobatics with slightly worse results. While looking them over to see if an ambulance would be needed, I asked in a very bewildered way, “What were you thinking?” In their dazed state, they answered in a way I treasure to this day, “I wasn’t thinking.” Before jumping into sin, or even something that might resemble sin, look at the history of those who have gone that way before you and think. It’s a great God gift, the ability to learn from others’ mistakes and avoid the same. Today consider the fate of others and let that help deter you from the path of destruction: THINK.