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Proverbs 21:12 NASB

Sometimes it is difficult to look at people who live an evil, sinful life and prosper financially. I almost said, “seem to prosper financially,” but the reality is that at this moment some truly are prospering financially. And even if you, yourself (who are not evil) are prospering, those you care about may be struggling. Billy Joel’s “Only the Good Die Young” is kind of a statement along the same vein. And so, here’s something else to ponder – why does God allow those living godly lives to die before those who aren’t? I’m not sure how statistically correct that is, and I doubt there is research about it, but the idea that the good suffer or do without while the bad prosper is certainly believed by many. I try to avoid thinking along those lines, myself. I’m just grateful that God allows me to live, have eternal life, and anything else is a bonus. Jesus taught that we see through the temporal (this world) to the eternal (heaven). The day of judgement is coming whether on earth in the form of the wicked being “turned to ruin,” or what really matters – eternity, where the only thing of value is the reward for those who know God. Today, rejoice in the security of your salvation and the realization of tomorrow’s reward.

Check out Luke 16:19-21