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Proverbs 21:14 NASB

I was thinking about the time a company did the traditional Secret Santa for their office Christmas party. They drew names two weeks before the reveal at the party. One of the employees later told me how behavior around the office changed pretty dramatically during those two weeks. People had no idea who drew their name and, in an attempt to influence the givers to give a nice gift, everyone was much kinder, less snippy and petty with each other. This person told me that when the Secret Santa exchange was all over, office employees went back to their usual pattern of childish interactions. When we are kind to one another without recognition it can have a powerful impact on others. The Christmas season is a great time to bless and heal relationships, especially those that have been damaged, scarred and wounded through the years. Jesus’ birth is more than anything else about redemption and reconciliation. Today, look for ways to bless others looking for nothing in return.