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Proverbs 21:6 NIV

I know a mobster. Well in reality he is a former mobster. Some of you reading this know him as well. At one point he was bringing in about 8 million dollars a week for the mob through a tax scam on gasoline. He had planes, boats, helicopters, homes and much more. Today he struggles to pay his bills. He owes debts that will possibly never be paid off although I sure hope he pays them back. In this verse Solomon is referring to those like him. If you are not sure money made by and for the mob is the product of a lying tongue rewatch any mob movie or documentary you can find. It’s evil gain, all of it. The thing is that you don’t have to be into anything as dark as the mob for the truth of this verse to apply. I can find great comfort in pointing at him and saying “well I’ve never done something that dark”. But God’s truth isn’t graded on a sliding scale. It’s pass/fail. That’s good news in terms of salvation. You are in or out based solely on your response to God’s offer of His son. But our life fortunes – financial, social and otherwise – are either achieved through walking in faith and obedience to the FULL truth of God or not. Ultimately we are pure as the driven snow walking in Christ’s spirit or not. No gray in Kingdom obedience. I think the mobster I mentioned struggles to pay his bills as a believer who struggles to no longer live as a mobster. Today we need to live in the truth that any gain apart from God’s spirit is dangerous. #BeTheEdge


“What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” Jesus