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Proverbs 21:7 NASB

If you know me one thing you know is, I’m a movie guy. I have hosted a radio show reviewing movies for over 30 years. One thing about the movie making world is that many writers follow Christopher Booker’s theory that there are essentially seven basic story types, and all plot lines fall into one of them. Writers also believe that there are about 36 dramatic situations that cover all possible dramatic story options, too. There is certainly not universal agreement on those two points, but a majority of writers who are aware of them agree, to some extent. This verse falls into a clear place with both theories. The thing I most appreciate about Booker’s lifelong work to identify the seven story lines is that, as author and essayist, Fay Weldon, wrote, it demonstrates God’s order in the midst of a chaotic world. This verse from Proverbs is not an idea, it’s a guarantee. Wicked people who don’t act justly (hence they are wicked) will be destroyed by their wickedness. I find comfort in the assurance that God wrote this story line and guarantees its eternal truth. In the same way, He authored and continues to write all of life’s stories. Today, find comfort in that reality and live like it’s true… because it is. You are the next blockbuster. Believe that. #BeTheEdge


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