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Proverbs 22:2 NASB

There is no shortage of clichés about how everyone starts out and ultimately ends up the same, pretty much. “You bring nothing into the world, and you take nothing out.” “There are no U-hauls behind a hearse.” There is certainly a lot of truth to that. However, despite the reality that we are all born with nothing in our possession there are many unique circumstances we are immediately placed in. Rich family, dirt poor single mom, in possession of all our limbs and faculties, or limited to some degree by one or both are a few examples of different jumping off places in life. The end is simpler. The moment we breathe our last there is only one distinct difference, we are God’s children, or we are not. In other words, the instant after our final breath finds us entering eternal life with or without God. Whatever our life circumstances or journey what we do with the baby in the manger, and more exactly with the man on the cross who was raised from the dead, is all that matters in the end. Christmas is about Easter. Without the resurrection He was just a baby born in unique circumstances. Today, reflect on your response to Him and then live to share Him with others.