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Proverbs 22:9 NASB

Simply put, the generous are blessed. The implied opposite is also true, but we tend to miss that at times. I was recently approached by the head of a ministry in an African nation that is 95% Muslim. He has the opportunity to take the gospel into the schools there using a unique resource, but it will take $25,000 to do it. I told him I would take a shot at seeing if I could raise that for him. I approached two of the largest churches in our area to see if they were interested in helping this brother take the gospel to these students. One basically said, “the check will be ready next week.” The other is still running it through their committee and trying to finagle control and dictate how this leader in Africa does his ministry. It’s a rather common scenario. One of these is looking to bless and reach the lost, the other appears to be trying to dictate to God how to get the ministry done. Here is the point for today’s proverb. One will receive the blessing of generously giving. As a church, they already are. The other could potentially miss the blessing. You see, God will do His will. Our choice is not to stop or control it. It is to join Him and be blessed, or miss out. Today, choose to bless and be blessed. It’s really that simple. #BeTheEdge


“…for God loves a cheerful giver.” 2 Corinthians 9:7b NASB